3 Simple Recipes to Healthify Spring Cleaning

Have you ever looked at the label of your cleaning supplies??

Caution from a common household wipe:

“Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.”

Um, what?!

This label alarmed me, so I set out to research some facts!

After investing in Dr. Linday Elmore’s “Detox Your Home”, Reading Andrea Butje’s “The Heart of Aromatherapy,” ruling out lots of hype & misinformation on the internet, & testing recipes in my home, I compiled “Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils.”

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Here’s a glimpse at just three of the recipes discussed in the class!

Click the images below to view the class videos:

Things that make me go, hmmm...

Top 5 Simplified Tips, to Safely use Essential Oils

When I started incorporating essential oils into my lifestyle, I was so confused, and quite frankly, a little nervous.

It turns out, I wasn’t alone!  Can you identify, too??

Now, as a certified aromatherapist, my vision is to break down the hype and confusion, to guide YOU in USING essential oils confidently and SAFELY.  The tips shared in this video are the top five that I keep in mind daily.

If you don’t have 5 minutes to watch the video right now, no problem.  Feel free to download, print, or share, each of the #KeyToAromas safety tips featured below.

There are more, but these 5 simplified tips will keep us using our essential oils safely in our activities of daily living, and beyond.

What tips would you add to the list?

I look forward to reading your comments!