Step-by-step instructions to order the Premium Starter Kit:

(From time to time, Young Living updates their website.  If you notice a discrepancy in the directions below, please email  Thank you!)

Click Here to Start!

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Step 1: (Choose Your Kit)
*required for membership

You choose the kit you prefer!

(My pick is the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser, but feel free to click through the descriptions to view your other options.  These kits come with 11 essential oils AND the diffuser.  Including the diffuser is part of what makes this purchase amazing!

The DIFFUSER kit is the most popular kit, but you may choose the premium THIEVES kit or premium NINGXIA kit, to activate your Young Living Membership.)

Step 2: (Essential Rewards)

This monthly order section is TOTALLY optional.

(Essential rewards is Young Living’s customixable monthly box.  There are some great benefits, including free oils and reduced shipping, and no fees/committment.

Honestly, if you’re new to essential oils, I suggest getting the kit, try the oils out, and let’s chat when you’re ready to place your next order.  Then, we will discuss if Essential Rewards is right for you!)

Step 3: (Membership Details)

Select your country and language.

Create your sign-in information.

(In the Commission Processing Information section you have a choice of: Individual, no Social Security Number required -or- Individual, With Social Security Number/Business Tax Identification Number.  Young Living doesn’t require a SSN/TIN unless you earn $600/year from them.

You will NOT be pressured into the business end…EVER.  I want you to use & love your oils, whether you work the business end or not.  But now you know your options.)

Who introduced you to Young Living?  That’s me (Robyn Raye)!

(Sponsor ID and Enroller ID should be prefilled with: 1499877)

 Make your selection…check the little box that you read and agree to the terms…Then click “Continue.”

Step 4: (Shipping and Billing)

Complete your shipping and billing information, then click “Next.”

Step 5: (Activate your Membership and checkout)

Confirm your information, making any necessary changes, then activate and checkout.


Keep your log-in information handy, for future purchases or contacting customer service.

Enjoy your oils!

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to help you Unlock the Potential of Essential Oils!

I am here for you every step of the way.  Your questions and concerns are always welcome at: